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Healthcare Linen

Linen Services Australia is the largest integrated and managed linen and laundry service in Australia and are expert linen providers to the health industry. Supplying over 190 different products and our meticulous, audited standards of infection control and highest quality standards you can feel confident that we can tailor a solution for you.

Who We Work With

As specialists in providing healthcare linen, we work in all levels of health facilities including:

☐ tertiary and acute hospitals including paediatric
☐ day procedure centres,
☐ sub-acute facilities such as rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals
☐ aged care,
☐ medical clinics
☐ pathology centres
☐ radiology practices

We provide services to all sizes of facility from national based to stand alone clinics and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and tailored solutions

Why Linen Services Australia?

Linen Services Australia are specialist providers of healthcare linen and textiles across the entire healthcare continuum. We have expertise across all facilities from the largest tertiary hospitals to small stand alone clinics with all of our services tailored to your needs.

Our laundries provide a comprehensive linen service for over 45,000 hospital beds across Australia.

We supply over 10,000 sterile and non-sterile packs of linen per week to operating theatres, day procedure units and clinics.

We offer a broad range of linen packs that include gowns, drapes, covers and towels wrapped in Level 2 barrier wraps.

Our large service and distribution team manage the delivery and collection of linen to meet your operational requirements with the option of on-site linen porter services.

Our Australia-wide linen operation is accredited to the national standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.  We comply and rigorously follow the AS/NZS 4146 laundry practice wash standards for microbiological contamination and our processes ensure the highest standard of sanitisation has been comprehensively audited throughout the collection, laundering and delivery cycle.

Healthcare Linen - 190 Product Lines


Bed linen , blankets, towels, patient gowns, curtains, slide sheets and draw sheets

Hospital Staff

Theatre scrubs and gowns, warm up jackets and ward attire

Surgical Theatre Packs

Supply of sterile and non sterile linen for operating theatres and clinics

Reusable isolation and barrier gowns

Sterile and non- sterile Level 1 and 2 gowns

Microfibre cleaning solutions

Solution that provides Industry leading Durability, Optimal infection protection and superior Productivity

Quality Endorsed

The current quality management program is based on the AS/NZ ISO 9000:2015 family of standards.

Compliance with AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice. In Australia and New Zealand, the general laundry practices and requirements are detailed in the standard AS/NZS 4146:2000.

The Linen Services Australia laundry facilities comply with:

☐ Chemical Disinfection
☐ Independent Certified Wash Formulas
☐ Segregation
☐ Independent EMPA
☐ Independent Fabric Degradation Test
☐ Product Rejection
☐ Independent Bacterial Test


We continue to invest and be at the forefront of technology and provide tracking and reporting systems at your fingertips.

∎ Online reporting for auditing and compliance purposes:

☐ Customer Dashboard & Reports
☐ Managed linen reports

∎ Online ordering

Environment & Sustainability

Linen Services Australia is committed to reusable textiles and medical waste reduction.
In Australia, Linen Services Australia has saved more than 292 million litres of water annually through the introduction of water saving technologies such as Blue Ocean and a 6% reduction in energy usage.

Working together to achieve not only clinician and patient safety, but a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 66% when compared to disposable products and a significant reduction in waste costs for the facility.

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