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About Us

Linen Services Australia are specialist providers of healthcare linen and textiles across the entire healthcare continuum. We have expertise across all facilities from the largest tertiary hospitals to small stand alone clinics with all of our services tailored to your needs.

We Service A Wide Range of Industries

At Linen Services Australia the efficient management of linen is an operational priority for the hospitals and care facilities that we service.

Our laundries provide a comprehensive linen service for over 45,000 hospital beds across Australia.

We supply over 10,000 sterile and non-sterile packs of linen per week to operating theatres, day procedure units and clinics.

We offer a broad range of linen packs that include gowns, drapes, covers and towels wrapped in Level 2 barrier wraps.

We manage the collection, laundering and return of linen as well as portering services.

Operating for over 90 years

Linen Services Australia is part of the largest linen rental company in Australia and one that has been in operation for more than 90 years. A leader in the provision of laundry and textile solutions. Australian owned and operated, Linen Services Australia is a brand of Ensign Services (Aust.) Pty Ltd, which has come a long way from its inception in West Melbourne in 1927.

Linen Services Australia management team consist of a leadership that works in collaboration with the team in our laundries and onsite management.

We have specialised services in quality, distribution and customer care. These are of primary importance to our company.

We believe in what we do, our product and the customers we support.


At Linen Services Australia we are proud to develop valued partnerships. It is something that our team and our corporate support are passionate about.

Our team understand the role and impact reliable quality linen plays within your environment for staff and to this end we will deliver value and superior service to you and your business.

A mutually beneficial business relationship is what we strive for and is the foundation for future development. Our commitment to continual growth, ensures that we will work closely and collaboratively with you to review and develop the initiatives to continue to deliver enhanced service, cost effective solutions and time efficiencies.

Linen Services Australian wide operations and comprehensive distribution network

Quality & Risk Management

A decision to appoint Linen Services Australia for your supply of linen services is a major commitment that brings with it expectations about the quality of service delivery. The Quality Management System is based on a Continuous Value Improvement Program (CVIP) and combines policies, procedures and work instructions that are customised to your operating environment rather than the business being made to ‘fit’ the requirements of the quality plan.

The current quality management program is based on the AS/NZ ISO 9000:2015 family of standards.
Compliance with AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice. In Australia and New Zealand, the general laundry practices and requirements are detailed in the standard AS/NZS 4146:2000. This standard is intended to provide laundry operators with a common reference to acceptable laundry performance.

The Linen Services Australia laundry facilities comply with, but are not limited to, the following key components in the AS/NZS 4146 standard:
Chemical Disinfection
Independent Certified Wash Formulas
Segregation (cross contamination prevention)
Independent EMPA (supports wash formula testing)
Independent Fabric Degradation Test
Product Rejection (internal product conformity)
Independent Bacterial Test (including linen trolley, truck, production cell testing, etc.)


Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future.

Linen Services Australia is committed to reusable textiles and medical waste reduction. Our concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social.

In Australia, Linen Services Australia has saved more than 292 million litres of water annually through the introduction of water saving technologies such as Blue Ocean and a 6% reduction in energy usage.

Our Approach

Part of Linen Services Australia approach to reducing our environmental impact is by providing reusable clinical and surgical products.

Our broad range of products have been extensively tested and can provide health care settings with the certainty of the highest level of barrier protection together with increased comfort and wearability for both clinicians and patients over the full range.

Working together to achieve not only clinician and patient safety, but a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 66% when compared to disposable products and a significant reduction in waste costs for the facility.

Linen Analytics is the business intelligence portal provided by Linen Services Australia to deliver improved reporting and analytics to our customers. The Neuroverse portal utilises a combination of Laundry data streams for report presentation.

Laundry data provided in this platform includes;

Linen Order
Fill Rate.
Usage v Cost.
Delivery DIF
Reject Linen

Company Structure

As Australia’s largest textile management company, Ensign Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is a leader in the provision of textile management and laundry services to a wide range of sectors and industries.

Our change of ownership, in April 2021, has reinvigorated our business growth aspirations, driving our focus to deliver exceptional service and quality products to you. As a result, Ensign Services (Aust) Pty Ltd has structured our business platforms to respond to the specific market segments in which we operate.

In Australia, Ensign Services (Aust) Pty Ltd company trades as Linen Services Australia for all linen rental and laundering services and as Ensign for rental and laundering of Industrial, Food and Retail Garments. Our New Zealand operations trade as Taylors Group in the delivery of both linen, garments, and laundering services.

Our focus on efficient, innovative, and sustainable business practices, supported by new technologies, are a cornerstone of our strategy in the pursuit of ESGD initiatives, including sourcing renewable electricity, maximising recycling and re-use to minimise our environmental impact.

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