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Integrated Linen Services Australia

Every year, Linen Services Australia processes more than 100,000 tonnes of laundry across 19 plants in every capital city of Australia. That's over 200 million pieces of textile items annually.
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An integral part of business operations

Australian owned and operated with a strong emphasis of operation service, technology, and commitment to the standards our clients seek.

By opening a decentralized and localized business model within each capital city, we provide a local service but also can provide national coverage for all linen requirements. We are an integral part of our clients operations as an integrated laundry linen service.

Why Linen Services Australia?


For nearly 100 years, we've been at the forefront of providing an integrated linen laundry service.

Trusted By australia

We've been trusted to carry out disinfectant and laundry services for Australia's largest healthcare providers and hotels.

Nationwide Footprint

Australian owned and operating in every capital city accross our country.

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Tailoring a solution to suit the needs of the healthcare and hospitality industries and their particular sites

See how Linen Services Australia can be your integrated linen management partner
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At Linen Services Australia, our Highly experienced team provide prompt, professional managed laundry services.
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